Alexander Technique  BREATHE EASIER OPEN YOUR ENERGY FLOW RELEASE BACK STRESS EXPERIENCE FREE & LIGHT MOVEMENT  Movement Re-Education  Do you feel tired and drained? Learn new postures and body movements to correct stress-causing habits at work and home.  Energy Development  Increase your energy flow and awareness with simple, subtle movements. Especially beneficial for yoga, tai chi, massage and healing practitioners.  Optimal Performance  Use your body with maximum ease & effectiveness to achieve high skill and competence levels. Recommended by athletes, dancers, musicians, actors.  This Specialized Program is presented by  DAVID McCAIN  David McCain is a graduate of the F.M. Alexander School in Philadelphia, and a student of the internationally renowned Alexander teacher, Marjorie Barstow. Since 1971, he has studied movement and internal energy techniques, including Tai Chi Chuan, Kundalini Yoga, Omega Movements and Lathi.