Life is Movement —


Movement of Body

Movement of Energy

Movement of Thought and Image

Movement of Spirit


There is something here for everyone.


Vital Connection modalities and offerings have a very broad range of application:

From very practical improvement of daily functions

To making healthful, long term life style practices

To gaining the highest levels of expanded, transcendent consciousness.


Engaging VITAL CONNECTIONS can be as simple as finding an easier way to walk or as multifaceted as gaining extraordinary consciousness. It all starts with awareness of the underlying reality of movements. Then ordinary life can improve. If you choose a higher path, the ordinary can become extra-ordinary (transcendent). Transcendent consciousness is a world apart, yet it is rooted in the ordinary. All of the teachings here point to the wholeness of life. Each part reflects this wholeness.

If you like, simply choose to learn a practical application for daily life and stop there

Or continue on and achieve greater movement integration for improved life style

Or you can choose to begin with a high level goal in consciousness.


DAVID McCAIN offers a broad set of VITAL CONNECTIONS teachings to the public. For more than fifty years David has pursued a path of understanding human knowledge and consciousness through intersections of the body and mind. Along the way he awakened to spirit and found that certain body movements and thoughts were the best ways of directing primary energies in the body and mind. He extensively studied a number of established body movement disciplines with renowned teachers. Vital Connections offers: 1) distinct disciplines, 2) blends of various disciplines and 3) David’s own original innovations in movement and thought.