The Opportunity and Challenge

Personal transformation is a collection of many possibilities with numerous approaches. Yet, at the hub of things the term implies a great metamorphosis in which a person finds his or her true nature and, in the words of Joseph Campbell, "follows a path of bliss.'

"Reach, grow, learn" is a motto in Vital Connections. By taking this admonishment to heart we can begin the process of personal transformation. But to really start we need a keen awareness. Simple awareness is at the core of developing complex change. We are made of five bodies: physical body, emotional body, mental body, etheric (psychic) body and spiritual body. This is a complex web and it is necessary to bring awareness to all levels. Ultimately awareness brings us to the present moment which is pregnant with creativity and consciousness.

Personal transformation generally involves a shift or change that comes with some type of transcendence: transcendence of ego, transcendence of self limitations, spiritual transcendence or other types of transcendence. The transcendence may come as an epiphany of understanding, a release of long held blockage or a gradual development. This does not exclude common forms of self help, but with personal transformation there is more than mechanical application of rational objectives. Certainly transformation needs to be seen in a larger context.


Meaning and Story

Story provides the foundation for transformation. Stories are meanings shaped by life. We all have stories of ourselves. These are background and useful sources for gaining transformation. In working to evolve new stories of ourselves---including perhaps creating a new "personal mythology"---it may be necessary to uncover old and even unconscious meanings and associations. We choose our reality to a far greater extent than we commonly acknowledge. It may be completely sufficient for the transformed individual to remain with the world of story since this has been humanity's highest realm (i.e. the realm of great mythology) for several millenniums. But to enter humanity's new era of integrative reality, it is necessary to go beyond meaning and story. So, ultimately to gain the fullness of any moment it is necessary to transcend story---to transcend all meaning---to find essential emptiness within the fullness of being. This is tough, especially since it is hardly ever recognized by our culture. Yet at the heart of creativity, essential emptiness offers real, concrete inner knowledge. The hope of transformation runs through it.


Vital Connections' Modalities

Obviously there are as many approaches to personal transformation as there are people willing to undertake the journey. However, certain disciplines and modalities can provide the ground or backdrop with which to support a deepening transformation. Meditation is probably the preeminent way to personal transformation. Dream work provides some of the best insight into the unconscious. Tai Chi and Kundalini Yoga have balanced physical practices that accomplish a remarkable focusing of the mind and spirit. Alexander Technique really hones awareness. Authentic Movement opens the practitioner to very new inner experiences. Music Imaging presents a large amount of inner material for transformational processing. Omega Arts by its very nature demands personal transformation. Even Natural Vision offers the potential for transfonnation because so much of our tightly held identity is bound in the way we see and perceive the world. Indeed all the modalities described at this website aid personal transformation.

Personal transformation with Vital Connections is focused on opening to the creative capacity everyone inherently possesses. The goal is typically that of finding oneself in greater, expanded awareness and empowered capacity. For some individuals it may be useful to be helped also by a qualified counselor or psychotherapist while engaging in personal transformation with the Vital Connections modalities.