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The arts of meditation, mudra, polarity, symbolization, alchemy and others combine to create a comprehensive system of working with kundalini energy called Omega Arts. Kundalini itself is an alchemical process of transmuting physical and sexual energy into psychic and spiritual energy. All humans have this natural capacity. For most people the alchemical process and results are extremely small in daily life, but by working with the natural kundalini process an individual can increase kundalini awakening.

Each increment of kundalini awakening results in the awakening to deeper levels of meaning and reality. The fully transmuted kundalini is called Omega energy wherein the oneness of all things is understood ineffably and its ecstatic experience is immeasurably blissful.

The moving Omega mudras gently direct the kundalini both  internally within the body and externally in projections. The use of moving hands allows the Omega practitioner to easily control the amount and direction of the kundalini. "Mudra" has several meanings in Sanskrit; here it means hand and finger placement or gesture.

The chart Stepping into the Divine (click on the article below) provides a succinct outline of the comprehensive development of Omega Arts. Both body and mind have important steps or levels of work and development in achieving awakenings.


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