General Description

Dragon Maneuvers are a wide range of free-form movements that promote gathering or projection of a wide variety of essences: beauty, love, health, breath (prana / oxygen), sunlight, sex, music or anything with life force energy. With stretching, turning, pulling in, striking out or other moving in hard or soft fashion the Dragon Maneuvers has the look of martial arts without actually being a martial art. Since breath is very important in capturing and bringing in any essence, a number of different breathing techniques are used. The Dragon Maneuvers may be used in different contexts: deep breathing, exercise warm up, relaxation, healing, preparation for ritual, ending ritual, congealing essences and other situations. The overall purpose is to empower the practitioner in a particular, desired alignment.

Breath —

INHALE essences with movement with hands. Use deep breathing.

EXHALE to expel negative things. Use deep exhalation and exhalation through the mouth

BREATH OF FIRE creates a balance point and a point of departure.

HOLDING BREATH and moving works with internal alignment.

ANY TYPE OF BREATH can be used. Explore

Movement Types —

            Many Possibilities: gathering in; pushing out; spirals; circles; angular / straight line; moving up / out; moving down / in or out; compression; explosive; soft; hard; stretching; striking.

Alignment —

            Gaining INTERNAL ALIGNMENT of the body and imagination and gaining EXTERNAL ALIGNMENT with the environment are possible results. These alignments are predicated on various essences, so there is the process of becoming conscious of essences and working with essences. Ultimately the work is that of aligning to the One. As serious as this may seem Dragon Maneuvers may simply be done in fun — moving and breathing in any space for the purpose of enjoyment and vitality.