T'ai Chi Ch'uan provides a way  of movement and internal energy development that promotes an easy simplicity within a system of great depth with many aspects. Centering and balance are Tai Chi's watchwords. 


Dragon's Pearl Tai Chi

Tai Chi study and practice within Vital Connections is called Dragon's Pearl Tai Chi, which provides five broad applications:

  1. CONDITIONING  EXERCISES -- Tai Chi readiness in health giving movements
  2. STANDING  PRACTICE -- a significant practice by itself
  3. ROOT  PRACTICE -- movements basic to all forms of Tai Chi
  4. FORM -- Tung Lineage Yang Style, 108 movement long form
  5. PUSH  HANDS -- free form, interactive "dynamic stepping" with a partner


David McCain demonstrating a portion of the 108 movement Tung Lineage Yang Style Tai Chi in 1995.