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The Greatest Adventure

The greatest adventure imaginable is the search for extraordinary mystic consciousness. Mystic consciousness seeks to know the deepest mysteries of life. It is essential awakening. It can bring alive the awareness of many simple earthly experiences. It can bring forth spiritual visions of vast realms. And it can bring a union with the godhead that liberates—here and now—all the bindings on the soul.  

The search can start with simple reading and contemplation. Frequently people overlook examples of mystical consciousness in the experience of daily life. While the ultimate mystical experience can be called enlightenment—a thoroughgoing transcendence—the cultivation of mystic consciousness has great rewards even at a much lower level. Its pursuit start with a simple feeling of wonder at a foggy morning’s landscape or it can start with a comprehensive search for the knowledge of everything or it can start in some unexpected way. Underlying this quest must be an effort to look inside, to uncover the interior of things and to figure out the intrinsic meaning of the whole and all its parts. Curiosity, wonderment, reverence and especially awe propel the great adventure.



Mysticism and Ordinary Consciousness

Mysticism is the knowledge of the oneness of all things. This is the accepted definition by genuine mystics. But mystic consciousness cannot be known just as a concept. It must be felt—felt and understood on a deep interior level in the psyche. Some mystics have created whole systems that develop and promote mystic consciousness. Of the many systems of mysticism developed over millenia, it seems that most place a premium on thought and ideas. The body is less a factor in achieving mystical union, at least this so in most systems of western culture.

Ordinary consciousness is filled with concepts and dream like sequences of fantasies, memories and the subjective stories you constantly tell yourself (and occasionally tell others). The primordial id thrusts its impulses from underneath while the culturally conditioned superego judges nearly everything. The great mix of disparate elements in ordinary consciousness is balanced by the ego into a single personality. Or is it so? Does the balance and projection of the ego really understand all that is in the underlying psyche? Or does the ego merely “keep it together” for a good appearance in society? Is there a way to liberate oneself from the many elements of ordinary consciousness and get beyond the ego?

The term “transcendent consciousness” used here means the knowledge or consciousness that is beyond the ordinary. There is a natural capacity humans have in developing transcendent consciousness   and children are often attuned to this capacity, but it typically gets stifled in adulthood.



Omega Arts

I am continually amazed at the success of Omega Arts in cultivating and achieving transcendent consciousness. The Omega symbol itself represents the means of achieving mystical union. The Omega process moves up awareness and consciousness through jumbled layers of body and mind experiences to an essential polarity (represented by the Omega symbol’s two prongs or legs) which in turn moves further upward to the essential unity of mystic consciousness (represented by the upper reaches of the Omega dome). The main arts of Omega Arts include meditation, moving mudras, polarity work, symbolization and alchemy. The alchemy transmutes the body’s internal energy into psychically charged spiritual energy. All of the Omega process is predicated on gaining precise alignments of body, mind and spirit.

As a system Omega Arts uses the body and mind equally. The body’s alignment works through internal energy flows and can include, among various internal subtle body channels, the well known chakra and tantien centers. As for the mind, the energy flows align as symbols through the Ideation Axis and Telescoping Symbol Vertex.

As a boy I did wonder at mysterious fogs in landscape as varied as our backyard and high mountain tops, but probably my great desire to gain knowledge of everything propelled me more in the direction of mystic consciousness than anything else. Studying science certainly brought me knowledge, but after a fully ecstatic mystical experience, I eventually sought an inner intuitive knowledge which science didn’t seem recognize. Then Omega Arts came to me in 1979 as a reveled system—a system organized around genuinely pure principles centered equally in body, mind and spirit. It appeared that gaining the most precise and total alignment of the mind in thought and ideas required—before all else—precise alignment within the body. Except for my early study of Kundalini Yoga, all of the disciplines of Vital Connections, such as Tai Chi and Alexander Technique, I studied after 1979 as support for the work of Omega Arts.

The success of Omega Arts continues to grow in my explorations of mystic consciousness. New ideas, new meditations, new movements and new connections develop all the time, even when I am preoccupied with mundane matters. It is as if the undercurrent never stops whether I am have time to notice it or not. The Source of Creation is always at hand if only we allow ourselves to truly see it, connect with it, feel it, dance with it and merge with it. Omega Arts charts a clear path and alignment to find a way to the Source.



The Inner Work of Stepping into the Divine

Stepping into the Divine is the name in Omega Arts for the progression of inner work and awareness which ultimately leads to transcendent awakening in the Source of Creation. The chart Stepping into the Divine (click on the article below) indicates a number of steps or levels of inner work or types of awareness that can be used in gaining mystic consciousness and transcendence. The inner work and move towards mystic consciousness does not have to encompass all steps. Just one step—Sensual Physicality or Transcendent Meaning, for instance—can be explored with the potential for mystic consciousness. Moreover, the steps do not have to be developed in sequence. Low level mystic consciousness itself is adventurous and has creative benefits. The inner work may continue gradually or provide sudden awakenings. The actual experience of oneness completely transcends ordinary ego driven consciousness. Thus, the ultimate mystic consciousness is transcendent consciousness at the Source of Creation.

The outline of inner work encompasses both the body and mind because Omega Arts is a dual approach system. The chart was developed as an outgrowth of the evolution of Omega Arts, but the inner work does not have to be tied with the Omega experience. Other systems of mystic consciousness can adapt the steps, but everyone has the natural capacity to develop his or her own approach. Various disciplines and teachings of Vital Connections can be starting points for aspects of mystic consciousness. For instance, the subtle, yet practical Alexander Technique can—with due diligence—provide a platform for developing mystic consciousness. On the other hand, Music Imaging provides a very different process in developing mystic consciousness.

The ninth step, Transfiguration, is an alignment of enormous inner connection (or hyper-intrinsic connection) to the surrounding environment. This is a highly energized connection with surrounding objects and perhaps the noosphere of the earth as well. Unlike some vision journeys, which occur in the Transcendent Meaning step, Transfiguration is very much in the body. The alignment of the body and mind is so precise that a continuous flow of synchronicities proceeds. Moreover, a single thought is so greatly empowered as to create its material reality. That is, at the Source of Creation an individual human can create the world with his or her own thought. As amazing as this is, it can be quickly lost if the individual’s ego charges in saying, “I did that. I created something with my thought!” If the ego comes, it is right back to the ordinary square, where thoughts are mostly mere fantasies. To be at the Source of Creation in Transfiguration the transcendence of ego is completely necessary, but more importantly, a person must be one with the universe. Transfiguration is a dynamic state of liberation with many other facets not described here.



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