Of all of life’s movements BREATH is the MOST VITAL


There are many ways to develop the breath and it is important to address individual needs. For instance, a group class in Better Breathing would develop a collective approach touching on the needs of all participants. There are various systems and techniques which provide considerable better breathing guidance:

  • Yoga Pranayama—provides numerous breath techniques.
  • Alexander Technique—is one of the simplest and most direct approaches to gaining easier, deeper breath.
  • Chicoma Breathing—uses deep and/or rapid breathing while standing and maintaining balance; has an invigorating centering effect.
  • Lathi and Heart Chakra Centering—works with the ever expanding “heartwind” and develops the lungs with aerobic conditioning.
  • Tai Chi—circulates chi internal energy within the middle tantien located near the heart and lungs.
  • Dragon Maneuvers—uses many of the techniques from disciplines above with the addition of internal and external alignments in free form movements.



The work and personal application towards developing better breathing can be done with the “Three Stages of Vital Connections Work”:

Awareness—always, this is a most important starting point

Cultivation—do some reading, research and thinking about processes and goals

Practice—put the exercises to work