The Omega Arts in Perspective
Adapted from: Awakening and The Nature of Spirit
By David McCain

Stepping into the Divine

Stepping into the Divine is the name in Omega Arts for the progression of inner work and awareness which ultimately leads to transcendent awakening in the Source of Creation.

  1. Numbness—poor or uncertain sense perceptions and lack of mental clarity.
  2. Ordinariness—the ubiquitous culturally driven approach to life easily becomes all encompassing. The ego is the dominant force in the ordinary view and cultural conditioning completes the stage. Very little escapes the ordinary view.
  3. Sensual physicality—often a rich embrace of the body and senses, but the full adoption of this stage requires awareness of the sensual input of the moment without regard to cultural conditioning.
  4. Energetics—the recognition, use and development of the body's internal energy system. There is a multitude of internal pathways, such as acupuncture meridians, chakra vortices, the kundalini channel, etc. Internal energies are the currency of spirit. Work with energetics starts with sensing subtle internal energy connections.
  5. Creative Ideation—humans are enormously mind centric and for good reason: we indeed have an enormous capacity for mental analysis and innovation in the world of story (symbols, images, ideas, beliefs, language, meanings, etc). The best exercise of imagination, reason and emotion coordinated together comes with intuitive insight.
  6. Transcendent Meaning—meaning is always limited by the context of its story, yet there is usually an element present in the psyche that points to that which is higher, deeper or beyond. One kind of much deeper mind and spirit potential comes forth in mystical and shamanistic visions.
  7. Essential polarities—the mind in its simplest operation reduces the world to polarities—black and white, winter and summer, etc. The mind's meanings and stories can be wielded into opposing dualities which in turn can be fused in a dialectic or step to oneness with certain techniques. There are body centered polarities, too.
  8. Oneness—awakening to and recognition of the oneness of all things can come in a wide variety of experiences through both the world of story and the world of phenomena. With an experience of oneness an individual feels the connection to true reality, to true existence.
  9. Transfiguration—hyper-intrinsic connection and alignment of the body-mind-spirit totality with the surrounding environment. All of the steps beyond ordinariness listed above may figure into achieving this concrete, tangible realization of Being where the potential exists for moving into Active Spirit.
  10. Return to Ordinary—a breeze whispers in the pines, the stomach loves its oatmeal and the marketplace knows its laughter with friends. Concrete reality is well served by metaphors and simple memories.

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July 3, 2014